Friday, October 5, 2012

Good-bye to my Best Friend

My posting has been sporadic and will continue to be so for a while.

On Monday October 1st I made the choice to euthanize my dog Sophie. To call Sophie my pet minimizes how powerful a bond we had. She was my best friend and closest companion and was beside me for every great event of my life.

Sophie was born on May 17th 2000 and I bought her from the pet store on July 24th of that year (on a credit card for $615..00 - money I didn’t have). I took one look at her and fell head over heels in love with her. She was an adorable ball of fur and I knew I needed her in my life. It was meant to be.

Shortly after getting Sophie I met my (now) husband. Many of our dates included walking Sophie.  Sophie was with me when I moved away from home into my first apartment, got married, moved into our first home (a condo) had our daughter, moved into our first house and had our son.

I was at school and at home for most of her life and she was always at my side, following me around throughout the day. We were rarely apart. I took her almost everywhere with me. She always slept in my bedroom with me (from the time we lived in the apartment at 1year of age.) but after Mike would go to work she would hop up on the bed and snuggle with me until I got up.
She was a constant source of comfort and companionship for all 12 years of her life.

We took her on trips and had more adventures then I could ever recount here. I’m having trouble now because every moment of every day is missing her. Even now as I type on the computer my eyes stray to the side, where she should be sleeping on the couch or floor near me. Our lives revolved around her needs and her care and her absence is palpable.

Her loss is a gaping hole in my life and heart

My heart just isn't into anything right now. 


  1. sincere condoleances, i know there isn't any words strong enought to console you but we can see on the pictures that she was really happy with you and knew she was loved

  2. I am so so sorry to read about your loss. You're right, saying "she was a pet" doesn't even begin to cover the special bond you two had. You have wonderful memories of Sophie and as miki said, it's evident that she was happy and loved in your family.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how heartbreaking it is to lose a best friend, a companion, someone we love so much.
    I'm sending you hugs and prayers. At least she had a good life and was very well loved. xxx

  4. Thank you guys. She was an amazing friend and I just can't believe our time together has ended.

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how you feel, I lost my Sydney this past January. And I'd had her since she was a puppy, and she had just passed her 13th birthday. Like you I bought her with a credit card, of course money I didn't have at the time. But she was my baby. Not a pet, my family. I still get choked up when I think about her. And even though she's gone, I refuse to take the little "picture" of her off my blog header. This is a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing your Sophie with us.


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