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Overseas by Beatriz Williams

by Beatriz Williams
PUB: May 10th 2012
by Putnam Adult
REVIEW COPY: personal ebook 

A passionate, sweeping novel of a love that transcends time.

When twenty-something Wall Street analyst Kate Wilson attracts the notice of the legendary Julian Laurence at a business meeting, no one’s more surprised than she is. Julian’s relentless energy and his extraordinary intellect electrify her, but she’s baffled by his sudden interest. Why would this handsome British billionaire—Manhattan’s most eligible bachelor—pursue a pretty but bookish young banker who hasn’t had a boyfriend since college?

The answer is beyond imagining . . . at least at first. Kate and Julian’s story may have begun not in the moneyed world of twenty-first-century Manhattan but in France during World War I, when a mysterious American woman emerged from the shadows of the Western Front to save the life of Captain Julian Laurence Ashford, a celebrated war poet and infantry officer.

Now, in modern-day New York, Kate and Julian must protect themselves from the secrets of the past, and trust in a true love that transcends time and space.


I downloaded Overseas on a hunch. It caught my eye and I decided it looked like something I’d like. While I was unsure at the start of the book, by the end I’d fallen in love. I really don’t want to give away the plot, because unravelling what was happening was the fun part of this book. As the pieces began to fit and things made sense I got more and more into the characters and the stories.

Overseas is a love story. It has two linked timelines. The first and main timeline is 2008, where Kate Wilson is working on Wall Street, where she meets billionaire Julian Laurence. Julian seems instantly smitten with Kate and Kate finds herself equally drawn to Julian’s old world charm.

Interspersed with this story are flashbacks to Amiens, France in 1916. Here a future Kate has somehow gone back to warn a young Julian (Captain Julian Ashford) of his impending death. Julian is due back on the Western Front where he will die. Kate seems desperate to stop Julian.

As we follow Julian and Kate while they fall in love, the two timelines move along and draw closer together until we eventually start to understand the whole story. There is a strange tension when reading this book because we know both timelines. As readers we know more than either character at any given time. Julian’s past is Kate’s future so both are only aware of half the story as we are reading.

I really enjoyed the plot of Overseas. I think the internal logic made sense and the timelines were consistent and characters only knew what they should know. The weakest part of the story was probably the hows of the time travelling. But, really, most time-travel books require a leap of faith on that point, so Overseas is really no different in that respect.

As I said, while I was reading Overseas I wasn’t always sure how it was going to rate by the end. There are parts of the beginning between Julian and Kate that could be taken straight from any romance novel. There’s the hero telling the girl to stay away from him for her own good, even as he can’t resist her. There’s his incredible good looks ridiculous wealth. There’s her feeling of inadequacy next to him. So yeah, there are eye-rolly parts. But, as the book went on, I got really into the characters and their love story. The way things were in both the past and the present and how they connected ended up being crazy romantic.

I ended up really loving this book. Overseas will make you happy in a gushy romantic way. The ending was really exciting, trying to figure out how it would all end. Julian and Kate were so sweet together I have to give Overseas five out of five because it’s a book I’ll reread when I want to good romance to make me happy.  

You can find out more about Beatriz Williams at her WEBSITE

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  1. I love time travelling books!!! This sounds like such a great book. I love finding books like this, thank you so much. I need to add this to my list ASAP!

    1. There really aren't enough time travelling books. Glad to help :)


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