Monday, June 25, 2012

Driving Mr. Dead by Molly Harper (Mini Review)

Driving Mr. Dead (novella)
by Molly Harper
PUB: Dec. 27th 2011
160 pages
REVIEW COPY: personal ebook 


After failing as a magician's assistant, a photographer, and most recently, a bride, Miranda Puckett takes a position as a driver for Beeline, Half-Moon Hollow's premiere vampire concierge service. 

Miranda's assignment? Driving Collin Sutherland, the world's most fastidious vampire from Washington to Kentucky, so he can deliver a mysterious black case to Council official Ophelia Lambert.

Collin, a paranoid, aristocratic vampire with a debilitating fear of flying, refuses to let the case out of his sight. Miranda needs this time on the road to decide whether to permanently cut her ties with the fiance that had an "emotional affair" with a childhood pal, but Collin’s neatnik tendencies are driving her around the bend. The man acts as if leaving a fast food wrapped on the passenger seat is reason for a full-on CDC de-contamination scrub-down of the car. All she can do is promise to stop intentionally doing the things that make his stiff upper lip twitch with irritation. 

As more and more mishaps occur on the road trip from hell, Miranda and Collin work together to meet his delivery deadline. Hotel rooms are destroyed. Beloved cars are defiled. And somewhere along the line, client-driver hostilities become snarky flirtation. 

Will Collin and Miranda make it to the Hollow in one piece? And if they do, will Miranda leave old, safe relationships behind for something new and well, just plain weird?


The thing about Molly Harper’s writing it that it is funny. Seriously funny. I haven’t read one of her books yet that hasn’t made me laugh out loud at some point. If you’ve never read her Jane Jameson series you’re missing out and Driving Mr. Dead takes place in Jane’s world, so yeah, it’s funny.

Miranda Puckett is a likable girl who seems to have possibly the worst luck on earth. Everything that can go wrong does and Miranda is always caught up in the middle of it all. Pair her up with Colin Sutherland, an OCD vampire with little patience for chaos and their four day trip quickly becomes a wild adventure.

Driving Mr. Dead is a quick read and a great chance to get a taste of Molly Harper’s writing (and humour) to see if it’s for you.  Short story romances tend to feel rushed and this is no exception, however the humour and likable characters keep the story flying along. If you already like Molly Harper’s books, you’ll like this addition to the collection and if she’s new to you, it’s a chance to get just a taste. There is no story overlap or spoilers to the Jane series, however Jane is mentioned and Dick shows up right about when you’d expect him to.

All in all, Driving Mr. Dead was everything I’d expect it to be. 

You can find out more about Molly Harper's books AT HER WEBSITE HERE

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