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Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen

Dark Kiss (Nightwatchers #1)
By Michelle Rowen
PUB: May 29th 2012
by Harlequin Teen
Review Copy: personal ebook


I don't do dangerous.  Smart, ├╝ber-careful, ordinary Samantha-that's me. But I just couldn't pass up a surprise kiss from my number-one unattainable crush. A kiss that did something to me...something strange. Now I feel hungry all the time, but not for food. It's like part of me is missing-and I don't know if I can get it back. 

Then there's Bishop. At first I thought he was just a street kid, but the secrets he's keeping are as intense as his unearthly blue eyes. If he's what I think he is, he may be the only one who can help me. But something terrifying is closing in, and the one chance Bishop and I have to stop it means losing everything I ever wanted and embracing the darkness inside me....


Dark Kiss starts with a bit of a mystery. Samantha Day is at a popular club called Crave with her friend Carly when she is approached by her longtime crush Stephen. Unfortunately for her,  Samantha obviously doesn’t read Paranormal YA. If she did, she'd know lesson number one of Paranormal YA: Use caution when entering any club named after a Sinful/strong emotion or obvious Vampire reference. (examples would be Lust, Covet, Crave, The Bloody Fang, etc.) 

Anyway, while at Crave, Stephen leads Sam upstairs in the club and kisses her. The kiss is very intense and Sam faints. Stephen leaves Sam with a few cryptic words that only leave her hurt and confused. Later, Sam realizes that Stephen’s kiss has done something to her and is changing her. She feels ravenously hungry but no matter how much she eats she can’t seem to feel full.

Meanwhile, an angel named Bishop has been sent to earth on a mission. Unfortunately for Bishop something has gone wrong and he hasn’t recovered from his fall to earth. He is lost and confused with only a short time to try and locate the other members of his team. Luckily (or perhaps by fate) Sam finds Bishop and feels drawn to help him (although, she is now also ignoring lesson two of Paranormal YA: Beware of tall, dark and impossibly handsome boys with piercing blue eyes. They will get you into trouble.)

Sam helps Bishop find the second member of his team, a boy named Kraven, then, as the story progresses, the rest of the team. (Kraven is actually lesson number three, being the bad boy with a complicated history with Bishop. If Samantha was better read, she’d know that boys like Kraven always have a soft side that you’ll end up falling in love with too. This can only lead to the dreaded Book 2 Love Triangle. )

Bishop and Kraven know just what Stephen did to Sam. Bishop promises to help Sam is she’ll help him. For some reason when Bishop touches Sam the confusion that is driving him mad lessens and he can think clearly. The two of them have a complicated relationship as Sam is the very thing Bishop’s team is there to destroy, yet the two of them are powerfully drawn to each other from the moment they meet.

There is a lot that happens and some really great twists and turns that I don’t want to spoil. I didn’t have a clue what Dark Kiss was about when I started it and I think the mystery of it added to the enjoyment of reading it. Just dive in and give it a chance.

I really liked Dark Kiss. Michelle Rowen’s story is fast-paced and exciting. There were always new characters and new revelations to keep the plot moving along. I found the mystery of what Sam was, what made her special and who and what The Source was interesting. There was enough revealed at the conclusion to satisfy me regarding this first book, but many more mysteries still to be explained in books to come. All in all a fun start to the series that shows potential for it to get really interesting and complex. 

You can find Michelle's WEBSITE HERE to find out more about all her books. 

She also has a NIGHTWATCHERS FACEBOOK PAGE for more info/updates about this series.

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