Saturday, February 25, 2012

Looking Ahead to next month: MARCHing through Book Two

February is the month of Love. So, what's March?
The month of What happens Next. 
So I've decided I'm ready to find out what happens next...

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I have a history of reading the first book in a series and never picking up the rest. I'm always scared I won't like what comes next and that it'll ruin the whole experience of the first book for me. 
I was talking to my mom, and she mentioned how she devotes herself to an author and if she likes them, reads EVERYTHING they write. I realized that I'm a little different. 
I guess when I think about it, it turns out that I love characters and their stories, so if I end up really liking a character, I worry about what's going to happen to them. This means I put off reading the next book to avoid the new conflict I know is coming. I know it sounds strange, even to me, but that fact that I had no trouble coming up with 12 books says something about me.

My New Year Resolution was to push myself out of my comfort zone and
so I've decided to take a chance and step out of my reading zone. 

I've made a list of second books in series. Some,  I've avoided, some are new. This month I'm taking them on.

But I know me and I'll procrastinate to put off reading them so I've decided I could use a little push and I know it'll be more fun if some of you could join in a give me a push.
I've decided to have a little giveaway to go along with my March adventure and I hope you'll join in. More on that later.

Let's start with the

 List of 12 Second Books I Really Should Read Since I Liked The First One.
(In no particular order)

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver
(Delirium #2)

Kiss of Frost by Jennifer Estep
(Mythos Academy #2)
Tracking the Tempest by Nicole Peeler
(Jane True #2)

Fate by Amanda Hocking
(My Blood Approves #2)
Torment by Lauren Kate
(Fallen #2)
Hel Transporter by Cyndi  Tefft
(Between #2)
Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins
(Hex Hall #2) REVIEW
Frostbite by Richelle Mead
(Vampire Academy #2)
The Kingdom by Amanda Stevens
(Graveyard Queen #2)
Hallowed by Cynthia Hand
(Unearthly #2) REVIEW
Spellcaster by Cara Lynn Shultz
(Spellbound #2) REVIEW
Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr
(Wicked Lovely #2)

Goddess, Interrupted (The Goddess Test#2) by Aimee Carter

There you have it. 12 second books I want to read. Some are old and some are very new, but they all have something in common. They follow a book I really liked.

Now for the second fun part. I'm going to do my best and get these books read reviewed in March (most likely mini-reviews) and when you 
 comment on a review (of one of these 12 books or my review of Goddess, Interrupted on March 1st) you'll be eligible to enter to win the first two (2) books in any of the above 12 series!**
and for every link you leave in the comments to your own review of any of the books I'm reading or the first in that series you'll get bonus entries too!
Just make sure you click the link on the side of the blog to get back to this post and fill out the Rafflecopter form after every review post.

See, it'll be fun!

(oh, and if you're like me and want to push through and finish any series you've never got around to finishing, doesn't have to just be book 2,  just grab the badge and link back here -and leave a comment letting me know what books or your blog address. The more the merrier!)

**The  Giveaway Details:
The Book Depository  must ship  to you
the two books must be available for shipping from The  Book Depository
The maximum value of both books cannot exceed $30CDN
(if  these last 2 conditions can't be met an alternate book will be chosen by me.)

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  1. I have this same problem of not following up on series I've started. I'll be busy with school and can't join you but wish you luck.

  2. This sounds like a really good idea. I think there are so many good series out right now that it's hard to keep up with them all! Good luck with this challenge!

    My Latest Post|Enter my Giveaway

  3. What a great idea, you never know what you will discover! I bet you aren't alone in just reading the first book in a series. Good Luck in your challenge and enjoy!

  4. Awesome idea!

    Begin with Hallowed and Unearthly. The characters are great, the plot fast, and it's a totally new take. You'll love it.

  5. I have exactly the opposite problem - if I read the first in a series, I -have- to read the rest...even if I didn't much love the first book. (Like with Twilight. Hated the first all 4 anyway. *sigh*)

  6. i have the oppo problem I always choose a seies that has a few books out just to keep me coming back to read more

  7. I have this problem too! I need to get moving on some of the same series that you do! I hope you like the next books in the series! :)

  8. great idea! thanks for making this international!!

  9. I have this problem as well. There are so many great series out there right now that sometimes it's hard to keep up!

  10. Omg I hate how I read a series and love it but forget to read the other books! More than half the ones up there is the same for me. Lol

  11. Great chance to start some new series! Thanks!

  12. I as well have the same problem.Sometime the book is so good that I wish it never ends. Or I am afraid to find out what's going to happen to a certain character. So I will read a next book and so on and so on. Come to think of it, I might miss some amazing ending. Ah well, gotta make a habit to read till the end from now.

  13. it's really a nice idea! I also struggle to keep up with series, especially the ones I don't particularly like but feel I need to read!

  14. I always finish a series, once I start it. I can't help it. I always want to know what happens next. :)

  15. What a great and original idea for a giveaway!

  16. I love to read series! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. This is such a good idea! I have loads of books that are part of a series that I haven't read yet so I hink I should join in!

  18. Great idea! If I win, I'd actually like a series I haven't started, but hear good things about, the Goddess Test series. I'm the same, it's not always because I'm scared to read them though, sometimes it's because I'm reading so many new books I don't always have time to get to the 2nd ones! :-)

  19. It's really nice that you're doing the first two... this was we can pick a series we haven't read yet.

  20. I love reading series, I do wish however that sometimes I could force myself to wait until the first three or so are out because that way I don't get so antsy waiting on the next.


  21. I also have maaaany sequels to read. LOL. I have read and reviewed The Kingdom. I loved it!!!

    thanks for the giveaway!!

  22. Hi! I think you got a great idea and I should do the same!!! A lot of great sequel, it took me a few month after Torment release to finally started it. Now That Passion is out for a while, I should go get it and read it!!! I also read The Goddess Test in February and I should get the sequel because I really enjoy the first book: There's too many great book to read!!!! Thanks for this giveaway!

    Proserpine @ Proserpine Craving Books

    thanks you so much , you are wonderful thanks you


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