Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Kick-Off & Giveaways

Well the 2012 Giveaway Blog Hop Brought lots of new followers to Cold Moon Violet Books (Welcome!). I'm looking forward to year two of blogging (I started this blog Dec.28th 2010). I've got some ideas that I think will improve things (for me and you).

First, a look back...

I started this blog to keep track of what I was reading and what I thought of each book. My goal was to read 111 books. Alas, I did not reach that goal. I actually fell VERY short of it. I came in at 88 completed books and reviews. (but YAY for 88 books!)

One of the problems I encountered with my format of labeling books in countdown was an early decision not to include books I did not finish. I've regretted that choice, as I think it limited me. I think unfinished books are still important to mention. It turns out that I don't finish a LOT of books.

everyone else liked me..
This year I'm going to start sharing the "did not finish' books. I think we can have some good discussions over why I did not finish them and if you did. - I'll try to post some of last year's DNF books to start the discussions. There are a few I know some of you LOVED so you can try and convince me why I should buckle down & finish them.

I'm planning a similar pace to posting as last year (average 2 posts/reviews a week) and my reading goal this year will be 100 books. Might as well aim high, right?

I scored a huge pile of books for Christmas this year so I'm all set to hunker down and get reading.

yes, I did get a new e-reader. I'm curious how the VOX will compare to my original KOBO

One last bit of housekeeping regarding contests.

I'll be drawing for the 2012 Giveaway Hop on Jan. 4th from all eligible entries (click HERE to enter)

I'll also be drawing for the (still not here yet as my mailman appears to be on a rather long holiday) Chloe Neill gift pack on Jan. 4th from all eligible entries (click HERE to enter)

Lastly, I've picked up rather a lot of new followers and I'm confident enough will stick around after the Hop is ended that I've set up my 200 follower giveaway form. Click HERE or find the link on the sidebar. You can enter once per day Starting Jan. 3rd until Jan. 15th 2012. I'm trying out rafflecopter for this one, so hopefully it all works out.

Good Luck and thank you for all the support over the last year.

Happy Reading!

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