Monday, November 7, 2011

Mad About the Duke by Elizabeth Boyle (82 of 111)

Made About the Duke (Bachelor Chronicles #7) by Elizabeth Boyle
Pub: Sept 28 2010 by Avon
review copy: purchased e-book


Level-headed Lady Elinor Standon will not allow her greedy stepfather to wed her younger sister to the highest bidder! The only way to stop this evil plan is for Elinor to to gain control of her sister’s guardianship, but to do that she needs to get married. Convinced that nothing less than a duke will do, she hires Mr. St. Maur, Esq. to help her land her lofty lord ... However her plans go awry as she discovers that beneath her solicitor’s rumpled coat and haughty demeanor is a man all-too-desirable to ignore and she finds herself falling for more than his unconventional legal advice. 

James Tremont, the ninth Duke of Parkerton, is astonished by the freedom and anonymity he’s gained simply by donning his brother’s ill-fitting jacket, especially when an exquisite, peer-hunting beauty mistakes him for a solicitor ... Now he finds himself tangled up by more than her legal woes. For until he can undo the straight-laced yet delectable Elinor, his identity must remain a mystery --- because by not having revealed it immediately, this dedicated bachelor may have already sabotaged his one chance for the madness of finding his one true love.


I'll be honest. I couldn't get into this book. I think it took me at least six months to actually finish this book and the only reason I did was that I had last stopped at 87% finished (according to KOBO) and since I'm way off my target of 111 books for the year, it was an easy way to boost my number.

I think I might be off historical romances, so that wasn't helping my mood towards this book. It was well enough written, but I just didn't click with the characters.

Since it was read over so long a period of time, I don't have much to say about this book. The characters were fine enough on their own. I think the heroine was naive in how long it took for her to figure out what was going on. She didn't figure out that St.Maur was the duke until the last possible moment and still seemed really slow to understand what was going on. She couldn't figure out the creepy duke was creepy until she was literally surrounded by creepy activity. 

As for the hero, St. Maur. He took way way waayyyyy too long to explain the truth to Elinor. It was ridiculous! Plus, sleeping with her, knowing the consequences and not telling her really bugged me. I couldn't see a reason to lie. If there had been a good reason I'd have been willing to overlook it, but I felt like everyone was acting stupid for the sake of the story.

Overall. I just didn't like it. That said, I didn't hate the writing so if I saw a book by Elizabeth Boyle with a plot that interested me, I'd probably try it. I don't know. 

Not for me.

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