Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Fun - MLP Style!

Who can resist to opportunity to create your own My Little Pony? Not me, so without further ado I present... 

Cold Moon Violet Pony!

You don't want to know how addicted to making ponies I am. I was inspired by
Julie Kagawa, who created Iron Fey character ponies. I think my weekend hobby will be making my favourite characters into ponies. If you want to join the fun please leave a link to you ponies in the comments.

Have a great weekend !
I'm hoping to finish Cold Fire this weekend. So far it's really good, although I'm finding Cat a little frustrating at times.

Reading Cold Fire by Kate Elliot. I made Cat and Andevai ponies. What do you think?


  1. Very cute! I grew up in the Breyer horse model days, but my older daughter still has her collection of ponies.

    Want to do some for my next Darkover book?

  2. Very nice post beholde poste sånt ...!!


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