Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready (69 of 111)

Love ties them together. Death can't tear them apart.
Best. Birthday. Ever. At least, it was supposed to be. With Logan's band playing a critical gig and Aura's plans for an intimate after-party, Aura knows it will be the most memorable night of her boyfriend's life. She never thought it would be his last.
Logan's sudden death leaves Aura devastated. He's gone.
Well, sort of.
Like everyone born after the Shift, Aura can see and hear ghosts. This mysterious ability has always been annoying, and Aura had wanted nothing more than to figure out why the Shift happened so she can undo it. But not with Logan's violet-hued spirit still hanging around. Because dead Logan is almost as real as ever. Almost.
It doesn't help that Aura's new friend Zachary is so understanding—and so very alive. His support means more to Aura than she cares to admit.
As Aura's relationships with the dead and the living grow ever complicated, so do her feelings for Logan and Zachary. Each holds a piece of Aura's heart...and clues to the secret of the Shift. (from Pub: May 4th 2010 by Simon Pulse

Shade was picked up very randomly. I have a couple of ARC's I'm excited about but since stupid Adobe won't let me transfer them to my Kobo I have to read them on my computer. This gives me crazy eye-strain so I needed a break from computer reading.I started Shiver by Maggie Steifvater but it hasn't grabbed me so I wanted something new. I heard about Shade from the YA Sisterhood's Crush Tourney (Zach has some big fans!) So I thought it would be a nice spacer.


I thought Shade was a good book. The premise feels far-fetched (there was a moment in time when the world shifted and everyone born from that moment on sees ghosts) but the execution is solid so it's fairly easy to overlook some of the questions the story raises.

 The characters are well written and have some depth. Aura- yes her name is Aura -*eye-roll* is actually likable. She's good at heart but not a goody-goody. You'll even forgive her for her unique-girl-in-a-paranormal-YA-romance-name. Logan, her (dead) boyfriend was probably my favourite secondary character. I really liked the way the author blended Logan's youthful self-centered nature with the other characters need to heal from his death. You really felt the disconnect the more time passed after Logan's death. He's stuck at seventeen while they inevitably moved forward.

As I said, I felt the premise was far-fetched but I liked how it was executed. This is the first in a series and I'm really curious to see where the story goes as far as the mystery of The Shift and Aura's place in the history of events.

I'm on the fence as far as the love story between Aura and Zachary. I like that he's Scottish and has an accent (how is that not a good thing?) But I'm not a big fan of boys in books who seem to fall in love and devotedly stick with a girl through all her paranormal drama. I liked Aura and I'm cheering for her in the series, but Zachary seemed to fall madly in love at first sight and then just kept taking all her crap like it wasn't a big deal. Part of me wishes he had some friends to tell him to get over that girl and all her drama and find someone else.  On the other hand, Aura and Zachary had real chemistry and Aura's struggle to figure out her feelings for both Logan and Zachary felt real. I liked that she was conflicted and unsure or herself and acted accordingly.

Overall I really enjoyed Shade and it had some nice twists and turns that kept me reading. I really looking forward to reading Shift, the second book in the series.

(3.5) I have high hopes for where the series could go.

creeping towards a 4. Frank discussions regarding sex.

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