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56 of 111 The Restorer by Amanda Stevens

My name is Amelia Gray. I'm a cemetery restorer who sees ghosts. In order to protect myself from the parasitic nature of the dead, I've always held fast to the rules passed down from my father. But now a haunted police detective has entered my world and everything is changing, including the rules that have always kept me safe.
It started with the discovery of a young woman's brutalized body in an old Charleston graveyard I've been hired to restore. The clues to the killer—and to his other victims—lie in the headstone symbolism that only I can interpret. Devlin needs my help, but his ghosts shadow his every move, feeding off his warmth, sustaining their presence with his energy. To warn him would be to invite them into my life. I've vowed to keep my distance, but the pull of his magnetism grows ever stronger even as the symbols lead me closer to the killer and to the gossamer veil that separates this world from the next. (From Goodreads)

I stumbled on this book by accident. I was looking around for free reads and found the free read The Abandoned by Amanda Stevens. I love these little free reads. They are a great way to sample an  author or a series that I might not have read before. I thought The Abandoned was interesting and it made me really curious to find out about Amelia Grey. Amelia has a small role in The Abandoned.
The Restorer is the first book in The Graveyard Queen series and I'm really looking forward to reading the next book. This book was seriously creepy, but not over the top. I love the way the ghosts were written. They are frightening simply because they are there. It's like an old horror movie where it's what you don't see that scares you.
 Along with the spooky ghosts there is a great murder mystery (I had a pretty good idea who the killer was but it all came together at the end really nicely) and a larger plot that will keep me glued to this series. 
Amelia and John Devlin, the cop investigating the murders have incredible chemistry. There seems to be something unique between them but they have work to do if they are going to have a relationship. 
There is also a mystery surrounding Amelia's parents, especially her father that I can't wait to find out about.
Overall this was a fun, spooky and sexy book with a great southern feeling. 

Spooky, thrilling and sexy reading! 

I had to give it extra stars for the sexual tension. This book smolders!

In other blog news!
You may have noticed this is book review # 56. Since my goal is 111 I'm doing a little happy dance here to celebrate hitting my halfway point.
And remember to check back next weekend, when I'll be participating in the Canada Day Blog Hop &  Givaway. I'll be giving away one of the books from my 111 Books I've Read (so far) list. The contest will be open internationally.
Until then, Happy Reading!

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  1. I loved reading this book and have already downloaded book two to read soon. :)


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