Wednesday, June 8, 2011

50 of 111 Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn

Honoria Smythe-Smith is:
A) a really bad violinist 
B) still miffed at being nicknamed "Bug" as a child 
C) not in love with her older brother's best friend 
D) all of the above

Marcus Holroyd is:
A) the Earl of Chatteris
 B) regrettably prone to sprained ankles 
C) not in love with his best friend's younger sister 
D) all of the above

Together they:
A) eat quite a bit of chocolate cake 
B) survive a deadly fever and the world's worst musical performance C) fall quite desperately in love
It's Julia Quinn at her best, so you know the answer is . . .
D) all of the above
So I make no secret of my love of Julia Quinn's books. If I have a complete weakness for an author it's her. I like all her books and LOVE most of them. Just Like Heaven was no exception. I thought it was so sweet.
Fans of Quinn's books have long known the Smythe-Smiths and their infamous musicales. Honoria is actually mentioned by Lady Whistledown in Romancing Mr. Bridgeton. Colin is actually in this book and Gregory is mentioned (Honoria thinks he would be the perfect man for her to marry).
If you are looking for heavy romancing in this book you won't get it. There are two kisses and one love scene. It's not a book about lust but about two people who have known each other forever who slowly realize that they love each other and need each other in their lives. It's incredibly romantic and has multiple scenes that will have you curling your toes with delight. Plus, dessert fans rejoice! These two have multiple romantic scenes where they bond over a love a sweets. 
I loved this book and it will be joining my comfort reread list. For a sweet romance I highly recommend it.

Super sweet romance!

a slow and steady story about falling in love

Also, because how can I not post this...
here is the newly released cover for Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa
*sighs* The teenage girl inside me loves Ash so much....

If you haven't read this series yet, why not?
The Iron Knight comes out Oct 25th 2011 so get on it!

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  1. Really liked the way you put the character traits in points..such a fun idea! Loved ur review!:)

    Komz@The Review Girl


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