Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Follow Friday!

It's follow friday time again!
Lousie from Book Bliss is featured and the question this week is
How many books do you read in a week? And in what format do you read /listen to them?
Well, I'm working on my goal of reading 111 books this year. 
December is always a busy month, so in reality I'm not getting many books read in December, that leaves me with 11 months to get the majority of my goal reading done. That means I need to average 10 books a month to meet my goal. 
There are approx.4 weeks per month so 
I read about 2 1/2 books a week in an ideal week.
In real life it isn't quite that neat. I get sick, I get busy and read less or I read a really big book and it takes all week! On the flip side, sometimes I can get three or four shorter books read in a week if they are fast reads and I've got some time.
I read a combination of e-books and paperbacks/hardcovers. I'll only by hardcovers if it's an author I already know I love (Charlaine Harris) or if it's a new book I'm excited about (A Discovery of Witches). I mix up paperbacks and e-books. I often buy e-books for YA so I don't have to be judged in the children's section of the book store and for romances if the cover is a little risque. (I read Eternal Rider by Larissa Ione in paperback and my kids (2.5 and 4.5) wanted me to explain the man nipples on the cover -eek!

Book Blogger Hop

This weeks question comes from Britta @ I Like These Books, who asks
Which book-to-movie adaption have you most liked? Which have you disliked?

I don't know if any movie adaption has ever lived up to the book, but from two very different genres, my two favorite movie adaptations (off the top of my head) are The Lord of the Rings and Bridget Jones's Diary. 
I like when a movie adaptation really is an adaptation. It needs to remain true to the heart of the book but it also needs to change and fit the new format. Books and movies are very different forms of entertainment and I don't think a movie adaptation always benefits from following the book to closely.
I usually dislike movies if I liked the book. That's why I like "based on" more than a retelling of the book. If the movie becomes it's own thing and not a recreation it doesn't interfere with my imagined world of the book in question.
I hope that makes sense. 

Well I hope this tells you a little more about me and my reading/book habits, I have some reviews up for new books this month
(Dead Reckoning, Hard Bitten, Bite Club and Something Deadly This Way Come, plus two romance reviews for Vanessa Kelly's books)
I hope you'll check those out too and let me know what you think and give me a follow, I always check out blogs who follow and happily follow back. I'm on vacation next week so I won't get back to you until later, but I promise I will get back!
Happy Reading!

***I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm having a little trouble with blogger today, Followers is showing up blank on some of the blogs I've visited, if you leave me a comment or follow and I don't follow back, this is why. I'll try again when I'm back from vacation. -I really need to get off the net and get packing. Book Blogs are so addictive, I love love love seeing what everyone is reading***


  1. You're right. E-books do afford more privacy.

  2. I do love the privacy of E-books and the fact of no waiting! Sometimes I can't even wait till the end of the work day to hit the store so I just download it.

  3. Love your post. It was great talking to you last night and I'm so glad we're able to talk more now. I totally agree with you about The Lord of The Rings, I've never read or watched Bridget Jones's Diary. I'm sure that considered a sin somewhere and I should get right on that. Anyways, love love love your Follow Friday. Here's the link to mine: :)

  4. Let’s kick off Memorial Day Weekend with some scandal and controversy.

    I absolutely loved every minute of the Lord of the Rings films and felt they hit the mark when they brought Tolkien’s masterpiece to the big screen.
    (ducking as rotten tomatoes are thrown at me as the torches are lit and the pitchforks raised)

    Wait, wait. I can explain! Hop on over to my blog and hear me out –

    Howard A. Sherman, Implementor

  5. Good goal of 111 books, I'm aiming for 150 and am already on book 78. Hope I can keep it up. but like you said, sometimes life gets in the way.

    i wish you luck with the challenge. :D

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. Hey,

    Hopping from FF

    I don't think a movie adaptation can ever live up to the book as you always put your own spin on it. Somebody else has a different concept.

    Liking your blog name.


    Here's my FF

  7. New follower! That's a good reading goal for the year. I probably would have done 100 or more if I hadn't started so late in the year and had a little bit more free time. ^_^ Here's my FF/BBH:

  8. Neat header and blog title.

    Stopping by from the blog hop.

    Stop by my blog if you like...I usually prefer books to the movie version.


  9. I love Felicia Day's blogposts about some of the wild romances she reads on her e-readers... now that she doesn't have to embarrass herself by buying them in person. She is so funny. I am not much of a romance reader myself, and am not at all embarrassed to be seen buying and reading YA novels, but I do love my nook. Handiest device ever!


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