Saturday, May 7, 2011

44 of 111 Mastering the Marquess by Vanessa Kelly

Country spinster Meredith Burnley will do anything to save her half-sister Annabel, including risking her own life and sacrificing her only chance for happiness.  When Annabel’s guardian threatens to lock her up in a lunatic asylum, Meredith vows to find a husband to protect the girl, and the arrogant and powerful Marquess of Silverton seems like the perfect man to keep Annabel safe.
The town’s most popular rake, Silverton hides a growing disgust with his inability to feel any emotion for the beautiful girls thrown his way.  But he needs to marry, and Annabel will serve his purposes.  Silverton is stunned, however, by his fierce attraction to the unfashionable Meredith, whose quiet ways conceal a passionate and sensual nature.  He’s determined to claim her, in spite of his promise to woo her sister.
Meredith knows she must never betray Annabel, or succumb to the charms of the sophisticated Marquess of Silverton.  Her willpower, though, is no match for his skillful and relentless seduction, or the temptation of forbidden love.  But her surrender to passion soon puts Meredith and Annabel in danger, and only Silverton can rescue them.  The arrogant Marquess must be willing to risk everything--especially his heart--or lose Meredith, and his last chance for love.

This is the first book in this series, followed by Sex and the Single Earl and My Favourite Countess. In my last review I told you how much I really enjoyed S&TSE and I really liked MTM too. I didn't like it as much as S&TSE, but I still really enjoyed it. I like Vanessa Kelly's writing style and her characters. 
The thing that made me like this book less was the heroine, Meredith's stubbornness near the end of the book. Her feelings of inferiority towards Lord Silverton were the biggest obstacle between them, but she seemed to fight against marrying him for two chapters (give or take) too many. 
There came a point in the book (I'm trying to avoid spoiling) where I really don't think Meredith had a choice anymore. Even if she hadn't been in love with Silverton she had no other options but to marry him, so her bemoaning who they could never be together again got a little irritating. 
Aside from that, the story is fast-paced, the other characters figure things out quickly enough that it was another great read.

3.5 out of 5

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