Thursday, May 5, 2011

43 0f 111 Sex and the Single Earl by Vanessa Kelly

But Sophie isn’t some bargaining chip to be traded, and she’s not about to let Simon St. James tell her how to live her life—even though she has nurtured a crush on the handsome young earl for as long as she can remember. If his idea of courtship is telling her what to do, then she is not interested, or at least she is trying not to be. But when his scolding words turn to 
scorching kisses, suddenly Sophie starts paying attention...

I know I had (have) a rather large TBR list that grew by about 5 books this week, but I was reading a review of Vanessa Kelly's newest release My Favorite Countess and needed something to read on Monday night. I checked Kobo (I have a Kobo, being from Canada it's sold at Chapters/Indigo but that's not a personal endorsement or anything) anyhoo, they have a three pack of Vanessa Kelly's books and it was only a couple more dollars, so being the better deal I naturally got the three pack. 
Since, I have a soft spot for long-time friends turned lovers romances I decided to jump over My Favorite Countess and read Sex and the Single Earl first. 
Seriously, I loved this book! I read a lot of historical romance but I don't really love very much of it. Usually -and if you have a look a previous reviews you'll see -  even if I like a book I have a list of things that really annoyed me. This book had everything I love in a good romance. The characters made sense and I liked reading about them and believed them and the motivations for their behaviour.  It was satisfying to read and I really enjoyed it. The plot followed a standard romance plot, with an interesting side story. This is a good thing. When I read a romance I have a set idea in my head and that's what I'm looking forward to reading. If you like historical romances this book stood out as a really enjoyable romance that I would highly recommend. I'm already over halfway through Mastering the Marquess, the events of which happen before S&TSE. I'm curious about My Favorite Countess, since the aforementioned Countess in the villain in S&TSE. It'll be interesting to see her in a positive light.
Overall, I had a pleasant surprise when I read this book and found a new author who is now on my autobuy list!

Rating 4.5 out of 5

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eek! I went from nothing to too much!

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