Friday, April 8, 2011

In Where I State the Obvious

It's Friday and the sun is shining here. This winter has felt like it would never end. I actually wore shoes instead of boots today. I had to jump a few puddles but it was so worth it.
I expect to finish Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning this weekend. I have loved this series. Even if the end of this book ends up sucking, I will still love the series overall. I don't think that'll happen, I'm about halfway through and it's been great. There are so many great lines of dialogue, especially between Mac and Barrons. Sometimes I have to stop and reread their conversations, they're just so enjoyable. I still have no idea how it's all going to end. Ahh... the joy of a good book.

Also, I've added a new page of series/books that have inspired me in my love of reading. I'll be adding more periodically as I get around to it. The link is lurking off on the right side of the page. I might also play around with the look of the blog. I actually used my rarely used webcam to update my picture to one of me and not the dog. Sophie (the dog) does not, in fact, read any books and therefore has no opinion on any of them. She has always coasted by on her looks and not her brain.
I have an idea in my head for how I want the blog to look that I just haven't managed to create yet and I can't resist messing around with it.

That's all for now. My little man says that the animals are here to play, so off I  must go (but apparently the dinosaurs are still sleeping)

Oh, we also have a cat. Sookie (Sookie Cookie as the kids call her)
We've only had her since last July. She was a stray and they guessed her age at about 2years, but we think she was younger since she's about twice as big as she was when we got her.

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