Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh well, I'm ahead of schedule anyway....

I do have a review to post but I've been really sick the last few days and still feel pretty loopy. I've been into comfort books (read: romances). I read Educating Caroline and half of Mad about the Duke (I'll give you authors when I review, but my ereader is in another room and my brain is too foggy to remember right now) before just giving up and rereading the classics. If you are slightly delirious and need mindless reading there is no more satisfying escape than The Bridgerton Series by Julia Quinn. They are the best regency romances. Light, simple and no strange obsession with horses. I really don't hate horses but I'm not sure why they are such a big deal in so many regency romance and I'm sure the authors don't know what they are talking about anyway.
But anyway,  The Bridgerton books are best read in order, starting with The Duke and I. That's what I read yesterday. My personal favorites are The Viscount Who Loved Me, Romancing Mr. Bridgerton and It's in His Kiss. I actually don't like the second, An Offer From A Gentleman but then I think my dislike of Benedict adds depth to the series as a whole. Ok, I think that was medication rambling but whatever. I'm in a comfort food place so it's just filler for a few days. I am halfway through At Grave's End but I'm waiting until I'm lucid to finish it, plus when I'm sick I just like happy things, hence the romances. Anyhoo, that's the state of the blog today. If I finish the duke book I'll review it too.
Reading regency romances does make a girl think. The women always notice men's thighs. This is something I have never done. But twice the heroine commented on current men's fashions. I think I'm going to have to do some research into regency fashions to see if men's pants really do emphasis thighs and if so, why? Also, just how wide were carriage seats, because there is alot of action happening in carriages, but if all these guys are over 6 feet tall warrior built supermen, isn't it a little awkward and crowded and can you really just hike up those dresses, because I don't think you could. The whole thing seems a little tricky to me. Seriously, just once I want someone getting an elbow to the face.
Alright enough of this. Reviews to come in a few days.

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