Thursday, February 17, 2011

17 of 111 (94 left) Miss Winthorpe's Elopement

Miss Winthorpe's Elopement by Christine Merrill

"Shy heiress Miss Penelope Winthorpe was only trying to escape her bullying brother. She never meant to wed a noble lord over a blacksmith''s anvil!
Adam Felkirk, Duke of Bellston, had no intention of taking a wife. But then Penelope''s plight moved him. Now the notorious rake has a new aim-to shock and seduce his prim and proper bride.
But the gorgeous duke will be taught a lesson of his own as scholarly Miss Winthorpe becomes his seductive duchess!"

Yes, yes, I know I'm still reading A Discovery of Witches so what you ask, is this? Well as I said I really like ADOW and so I'm taking my time and enjoying it. As such I can't read it during the day with the kiddos since they are too distracting so I read this one on my computer yesterday during rest time while the kids watched Shrek for the 100th time.
This book is what it is. Miss Winthorpe gets mad at her brother for not letting her buy a book so she takes off towards Scotland to get married to the first man she can find so she can get control of her inheritance. Sometimes it was a little unclear if Penny (the Miss Winthorpe of the title) was just awkward or if she really did have something diagnosable wrong with her. Whatever, I guess it's never really addressed. 
Anyhoo, as she's nearing Scotland a man falls drunkenly in front of her carriage. She scoops him up and whisks him to Gretna Green when they are married and she discovers. He's a Duke!!! Whaaa? Luckily he has no money and was trying to off himself for insurance purposes so he's game for a sham marriage that will payoff all his debts. 
Cue the falling in love.
Now here is where I compliment this book. The hero, whose name I've already forgotten is such a douche. He was having an affair with his best friend since childhood's wife who is a psycho bitch. He burned down his family home (well some of it), gambled poorly and lost all the family money, hence the trying to be trampled by horses. 
I like that he wasn't faux bad. He really did bad things and therefore Penny was a real chance at redemption.  I also liked the end of the book. I like that the hero whose name has left me's friend (husband to psycho) and hero realize that they can't be friends anymore because HELLO you were having an affair with his wife. I also like that he wrote the psycho wife dirty letters that she was planning on ruining him with. He really is going to have to suffer for all the bad things he did. 

I'm not reviewing this book because while it honestly wasn't great, it wasn't that bad and I'm into awkward heroines right now so I kind of liked it more for that anyway.

What I'm Reading
 you know it ! A Discovery of Witches

After that I'm going straight into Dreamfever (book 4) Karen Marie Moning. I'm so excited about this one!

In the mail with that I also ordered
Don't Kill the Messenger
Destined for an Early Grave and
Visions of Magic

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