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Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase

"They call him many names, but Angelic isn't one of them . . .
Sebastian Ballister, the notorious Marquess of Dain, is big, bad, and dangerous to know. No respectable woman would have anything to do with the "Bane and Blight of the Ballisters"-andhe wants nothing to do with respectable women. He's determined to continue doing what he does best-sin andsin again-and all that's going swimmingly, thank you . . . until the day a shop door opens and she walks in.
She's too intelligent to fall for the worst man in the world . . .
Jessica Trent is a determined young woman, and she's going to drag her imbecile brother off the road to ruin, no matter what it takes. If saving him-and with him, her family and future-means taking on the devil himself, she won't back down. The trouble is, the devil in question is so shockingly irresistible, and the person who needs the most saving is-herself!"

I said I needed a regency romance palate cleanser and this was it.I've never read Loretta Chase before but she is apparently very popular. Lord of Scoundrels is a RITA award winning romance. It definitely was what I was expecting and that is good. It was interesting and mindless and that's what I was looking for. I liked it, but I have to admit I got a little bored at the end. There were too many plots twists and I would have been happy with only one. There is the vengeful friend, the unintentionally stupid friend, the useless brother who needs saving from himself (who then conveniently disappears from the book as soon as he is no longer useful and stops being part of the plot long before). Wasn't he the point of going to Paris? There is also (oh yes, there's more!) The eccentric grandmother, The symbolic "ghost" of a cold father and a run away mother, a vengeful whore, the bastard son who looks just like his father, the old servant who understands the issues and helps the heroine. there is also rugged landscape, rare Russian artwork and a fire.  Pretty much every  stereotype of a romance novel you can imagine is in this book. Did I also mention that the hero is "well over six feet" of Italian muscle and the heroine is so beautiful she still gets at least 6 offers of marriage a year even at 27 years old. 
As I said, I liked it, but I got bored. It just felt like all this stuff happened at the end that didn't connect back to the beginning of the story and the second half was just a collection of things happening to the characters without any real impact on the characters. I could have stopped three chapters from the end and never wondered or cared what happened to the characters. 
Overall I kind of liked the first half and has no use for the second half, but I will say that i liked the heroine, Jessica. She was level-headed and usually made correct assumptions about situations. I HATE when characters repeatedly assume the wrong things about the situation  or the hero as a plot device. If they are so stupid that they can't figure out what is going on why the hell would I can what happens to them? It was nice that Jessica always seemed to get what was really going on and didn't overreact to situations. Plus, she actually shoots someone (I won't say who) but that was awesome. 

2.5 out of 5 (mostly for the first half)

What I'm reading now:

Wolfsbane (distracted by other books)
Faefever (trying to read slow because I LOVE this series. It's so awesome I forced myself to stop at the end of part one yesterday so I wouldn't stay up all night reading. 

Up Next
At Grave's End - book three of Night Huntress Series
Dreamfever and Shadowfever - there is no way I can put these off
A Fatal Waltz
Visons of Magic - read the first chapter yesterday but it's not out until the first. There is a contest to guess who Regan Hastings really is. For the record my guess is Jennifer Crusie.

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